Sitael Hellas S.LTD


SITAEL space activities are vertically integrated to cover the Design, Development and Production of Small Satellites, Advanced Electric and Chemical Propulsion Systems, Earth Observation and Science Payloads, Platform and Payload Avionics from equipment down to complex component level.

Leading contractor and preferred partner for many stakeholders in several space missions, SITAEL joins its flexibility and deep knowledge of design with a continuous look to innovation, ensuring the highest quality attention to each project while optimizing costs and development times.

ESA/NASA standard certifications have been obtained in order to guarantee highly qualified processes, increasing the quality of offered products and solutions.


  • Design and Test of Platform and Payload Electronic Equipment
  • Power and Processing Units for electric propulsion
  • Power Supplies
  • Spacecraft Data and Communication units
  • Complex Control Equipment
  • EGSE
  • The future is oriented towards the constellation of satellites, to get more data to improve existing services and create new ones.

    Pierluigi Pirrelli
    Pierluigi Pirrelli Managing Director at SITAEL S.p.A.